Carpathianism is a monotheist religion following the teachings of Humfrey of Nurem. Founded in 1864, the religion is widely practiced by humans, however other races follow its teachings.
Whilst there aren’t many defined tenants, the ones that do consist of respect and selflessness towards fellow man. The belief is that God will reward those that follow this tenant with prosperity and ascension. Those that act in a way that would violate or harm another, would face dire consequences that range from immolation to smiting from God himself.

Whilst preached typically as peaceful, Carpathianism isn’t with out it’s violent and fanatic extremists. This mostly stems from an interpretation of holy text that reads

“… And thou shalt own the land, for I have bestowed it. Let no other, but man accept this gift, and all shall prosper.”

This belief comes from the word “man” which interpreted to mean humans. Thus, many extremists believe those that aren’t human are somehow lesser and not worthy to hold the lands that were bestowed by God. This belief has caused countless amounts of violence and bloodshed for Elves and Dwarves specifically. With the recent outbreak of Tempothrea that seems to target humans, the tensions have increased.


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