Also known as Red Death, Tempothrea is a deadly infection believed to be contracted via fluids. This disease attacks the brain targeting the Temporal Lobe, hence the name, which can cause hallucinations and ultimately death. It has mostly infected humans, however there are also reports of other races being diagnosed with Tempothrea, although most of them have not resulted in death.

A person suffering from Tempothrea will typically show signs of fatigue and illness during the early stages of infection. As the disease progresses, the symptoms start to become more severe, typically with vicious headaches, continual nausea, and bleeding from the eye sockets. Many infected suffer from what can only be described as nightmarish hallucinations and visions, which have resulted in suicide and violent outbursts from those still alive at this stage. One reported claim states,

“I see it everywhere, even when I close my eyes… They try to talk to me, but all I can hear is screams… I just want it to stop.”

Though not entirely confirmed, the main belief is that the disease spreads via fluid. Most likely due to bacteria or contamination. Some humans, namely Carpathian extremists believe this to be biological assault by Elves and Dwarves against humans, although this his not been proven.

After the initial outbreak, Archduke Tassilo III ordered for newly formed doctor’s guild to assist with treatment in affected areas. Most attempts so far for recovery have been futile.


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